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Peachy Keen! It’s a Peach and Thyme Tart with Great Gatsby on the side.

Peach and Thyme Polenta Tart

Peach and Thyme Polenta Tart

I mentioned last post that a friend of my youngest son had brought us about 12 luscious peaches.  We quickly put them to good use.  The first meal was a peach salad with thyme and blue cheese and steak and pecans.  It was delicious.

Yes!Chef! said we had to make a dessert with some of the peaches, so I found a very interesting tart from the same link I gave in the last post.  This recipe looked so interesting, that I couldn’t resist.  And I still had peaches left over.

I am still spending time in Tahoe with Obie T. Dogg.  Yes!Chef! comes up on the weekend and cooks for me and Obie T.  So, when he is up here, we try to do things together because…well, we enjoy being together.  His cooking is only part of the reason we have been together for 30 years.

A couple of weeks ago the Tallac Historic Site had a Great Gatsby Festival, so Y!C! and I decided to drop by because it was close by and free.  We like both of those things.

Great Gatsby Festival by Sierra Springs Photography

Great Gatsby Festival by Sierra Springs Photography

It was a fun time.  The weather was beautiful and all the participants were dressed up in 1920’s fashions.  The entertainment was a ukelele band with kazoos and a 12 year old flapper dancer.  I took a little video of her and you can see it here, if you like.  And they had a giant rummage sale in the middle of the event where you could buy period clothing, jewelry, hats, etc.

They had a bunch of old cars and motorcycles on premises, too.

Great Gatsby Festival at Lake Tahoe

Great Gatsby Festival at Lake Tahoe

There was also a Speak Easy where you could get some beer or hard lemonade.  There was even a little slot in the door where you had to give a password in order to get in.  The proprietor of the Speak Easy was happy to have her picture taken as long as I didn’t divulge her whereabouts to the coppers (translation:  policemen, in gangster talk.)

Old boat belonging to the estate and Speak Easy Proprietor

Old boat belonging to the estate and Speak Easy Proprietor

There was also an old boat (not the original) in the boathouse.  Yes!Chef! was particularly interested in this old building.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but Yes!Chef! loves to explore historical places.  He is fascinated with how people use to live in the past.  So, it works out well for both of us.  I like to take the pictures and he doesn’t mind waiting around for me to take the pictures because he can wander around and look at all the interesting historical things.

Back to the recipe.

As I mentioned, I found this recipe on the Brown-Eyed Baker Blog:  50 of the Best Peach Recipes.  This one is called Peach and Thyme Polenta Tart, which can be found here on the wonderful The Kitchn blog.

20130909-_LS_2777 web

I didn’t have a tart pan with a removable bottom, so I thought I would use one of my charming old pie plates.  I would strongly recommend sticking with the recipe and using a tart pan because it was very difficult to get the pieces out of the pan once it was cut.

But the peaches looked so pretty in my pan.

sliced peaches in the crust

sliced peaches in the crust

If you look close you can see the little specks of the lovely polenta.  The polenta really adds quite a bit of crunchy texture.

After you pour in the custard, you top the whole thing off with a crunchy polenta and sugar topping.

Ready to cook

The recipe, itself, was not difficult.  But because of the chilling time and other things required in the recipe, it took me several hours to get it in the oven.

Once it was done, though, I was glad I made it.  Yes!Chef! thought the dessert was quite tasty.

Care for a piece of Peach and Thyme Tart?

Care for a piece of Peach and Thyme Tart?

Here’s the place you can find the recipe.

Peach and Thyme Polenta Tart

I have to say that I really like the flavor of peaches with thyme.  In fact, I like it so much that I’ve decided to make some peach and thyme gelato because we still have some peaches left.  I better make it quick before I eat the remaining peaches raw (with a little whipped cream).

Peaches and thyme scented whipped cream

Peaches and thyme scented whipped cream

Before I leave, I’ll give you a Lake Tahoe send off with pictures of a walk that Obie T. Dogg and I took a few weeks ago at Emerald Bay.  Even Obie was impressed with the sight.

Obie gazes out at the beauty

Obie gazes out at the beauty

If you have never been to Emerald Bay, it is reason enough to visit Lake Tahoe.

Beautiful Emerald Bay and the breathtaking road to Emerald Bay

Beautiful Emerald Bay and the breathtaking top-of-the-world road to Emerald Bay


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  1. Terri Quinn #

    Thanks for the tips on the pie tin and for saying you like peach and thyme….I just couldn’t “think” what it would be like so I will try the combo!

    September 13, 2013
    • You are a culinarily brave person, so I would go for it. I really loved the two flavors together.

      September 13, 2013
  2. This recipe looks very interesting. We are headed to Lake Tahoe the end of this month so I am appreciating the photos and info you give on that area.

    September 13, 2013
    • Perfect time to come to Tahoe. Yesterday their was a huge thunderstorm that affected the whole lake. The sunset was pretty amazing and the colors are beginning to come out on the trees. Have a great time.

      September 13, 2013
  3. When I saw GG in your title, I had to stop by. Love Tahoe and this festival looks so fun. Great recipe too.

    September 14, 2013
    • The GG festival was great fun and a beautiful day. thanks for stopping by.

      September 14, 2013
  4. It wouldn’t occur to me to combine peaches with polenta, but it does sound good, especially with the custard–and Tahoe, oh man, Tahoe… Ken

    September 22, 2013
    • The polenta added an interesting (good) texture to the dessert. And, what can I say about Tahoe, except it’s where my heart is (or can you tell?)

      September 25, 2013
  5. The tart really does look lovely just like your blog: It’s beautiful! I love it.

    November 26, 2013

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