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Better Butter Burger…Herb butter isn’t just for topping steaks anymore.

Herb Butter

Herb Butter

Herb Butter makes a Better Butter Burger!

Butter melts into burger leaving herbs inside for a juicy and flavorful burger

Butter melts into burger leaving herbs inside for a juicy and flavorful burger

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Strawberry Margaritas, grilled burgers and baked, stuffed potatoes or Thanks, Honey, I needed that.

Margarita on the deck

Sunday I had a fun photo shoot in the little town of Galt, CA, in a great bar called Brewsters Bar and Grill. I took my youngest son with me because he has a little interest in modeling and a great interest in hanging around pretty girls. So, we got up early and drove down to Galt, spent the day photographing/modeling and drove back that afternoon.

A few examples of the photo shoot

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Fried Green Tomatoes, Two Spicy Sauces and One Great Burger

So, I was at the Farmers Market the other day, where I could probably hang out everyday if it was possible, and I saw some great things: fruit, artichoke flowers, colorful purses, Z-pies (frozen little pot pies), cheeses, breads and–Green Tomatoes!

I do love Farmers Markets and I do love Fried Green Tomatoes.  I also purchased some Buffalo Mozzarella from Dedrick’s Cheese (a little cheese shop based in Placerville.)

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Memorial Day Hamburger Grill or Thank you for the ultimate Gift…my freedom

Freshly ground hamburger, grilled, with Provolone, fresh tomato and lettuce with a Ciabatta Bun. Grilled Corn with Lime Compound butter. O’Rings with spicy dipping sauce.

Memorial Day!  A day to remember and thank God for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect my freedom.  A day to celebrate. My dad and my grandfathers and my husband’s father all served in the armed services.  Thankfully, none of them gave their lives, although my grandfather’s ship was hit by a Kamikaze plane and many men died.  They served and were proud of their service.  They have all passed away now and I remember them and their bravery on this day.

Thank you for your service and my freedom

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Hamburger with Provolone and Reduced Wine Sauce, OR Where was I when Julia was invited to dinner?

The other day Yes! Chef! and I were watching some taped shows of Julia Child and Jacques Pepin.  One show was all about potatoes and the other was about duck. At any rate, it inspired Yes! Chef! to dig out one of  Julia Childs cookbooks that my mom gave me in 1989 called,  The Way to Cook.  (You may wonder how I know my mom gave it to me in 1989.  It’s because I’m rather OCD and I always mark the year and the giver in a book when I receive one.  A little quirk that Yes! Chef! has had to learn to live with…my OCD, not the book marking.)  So, tonight he made a couple of hamburgers from some burger he had ground up from a brisket (very meaty.) Then, he used Julia’s technique for Deglazing Sauce with Red Wine.  He added shallots to the sauce which added a nice texture and flavor.

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