Food Photo Gallery


  1. Aloha Cooks says:

    Aloha! Love the blog…the photos, the recipes, the comment about how you are one lucky woman (cute!). I just started a new blog…well, still working on the layout. It’s called: Best Blog Recipes. I am contacting you to see if you are interested in having me feature one of your dynamite recipes, it’s photos, a little about you both, and of course…your blog including a link to it! Please, let me know. Mahalo…Carri Pattison

      • Aloha Cooks says:

        Aloha Karen, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have been struggling with getting a header that I like on the blog. Which recipe do you want me to feature? What do you feel is your best recipe as far as taste and the picture(s) you have? I would like to do a little write up about you: why you started blogging, about your cooking, about you. I will also need the recipe and pic(s), I guess .jpeg’s. Thank-you!

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