Roasted Chile-Lime Chicken or He Limes Me, He Limes Me Not

Roasted Chile-Lime Chicken with Garlic Lime Corn

Well, we are still in Lake Tahoe and yesterday the weather started to improve. It was still petty cool, but the sun was out more than it was behind the clouds. Our morning walk around the neighborhood was brisk but beautiful.

Our neighborhood walk

After our walk, we headed down to the store to pick up a few things for dinner.  Yes!Chef! had already taken a whole chicken out of the freezer several days prior to this to thaw in time for Sunday Roast Chicken (which is one of Yes!Chef!’s specialties.)  He found some recipes that would incorporate things we already had on hand like jalapenos, limes and sweet corn.  So, we only needed to pick up a few things.  On my way in I did have to stop a look at all the pretty flowers. (The urge to photograph pretty/shiny/colorful things I call Crow Photography and I am one of the biggest offenders.)

Flowers at the market

It made me itchy to buy some for the cabin, but I knew we wouldn’t be here enough to make sure they got watered everyday.  (I’ll just wait till mid June she thought to herself knowing she couldn’t wait that long.)

Anyway, on to the chicken…

A Little Red Hot Hen

Oh! Not this chicken…the one we had in the refrig. (And she was already…how should I put it…dead.)

Yes!Chef! chopped and sliced and prepped his heart out.  He had never made Butterflied Roast Chicken, so this was going to be a new thing for him.

Preparing the Chicken

In the above photo, you can see the steps he took to prepare the chicken for butterfly roasting.  Basically, he cut out the backbone so that it would lay fairly flat.  I read a whole article on why this was the best way to cook a chicken so that the breast would not be overcooked or the leg and thigh meat undercooked.  The article is a little geeky, but very informative.  You can find it here.  Yes!Chef! washed the chicken thoroughly and dried it with paper towels.

After that, he kind of smashed the chicken flat (close your eyes Henny Penny) with his hands. (la la la la…I don’t want to hear those bones crunching…)

Then, Yes!Chef! loosened the skin from the meat so that he could place his chile and lime marinade stuff (not a technical term) inside.  Yes!Chef! says that more of the flavor gets into the meat this way.  More magic marinade on the top of the chicken. Into the oven it went and roasted for about an hour.  You can check out the recipe below for exact times.

While we were waiting Yes!Chef! surprised me with a Margarita made with fresh limes, Tequila and Triple Sec.  Look how pleased he was with this little surprise.

Yes!Chef! Shakes us a Margarita
Two Happy Margaritas enjoying the view
Helloooo down there

It was quite tasty.  I don’t have his recipe, but there are plenty of good ones out there.

After the appropriate amount of time, the chicken came out of the oven to rest.  That’s when I whisked it away to my favorite window for a quick photo shoot.

So, you can see how nicely the chicken lays in the pan before and after.  The skin was beautifully browned and crispy, the breast meat was moist and the thighs and legs (my favs) were not undercooked and had absorbed a lot of flavor from the marinade.

Yes!Chef! cut off the legs and arms…I mean wings (kinda reminds me of Monty Python “It’s just a flesh wound…I digress). Then he cut the remaining chicken into quarters.

Yes!Chef!, meanwhile had made a tasty concoction with some of the remaining corn that we picked up cheap (10 for $2.00) the day before.

Sweet Corn with lime, caramelized red onion and cilantro

Yes!Chef! served it up and patiently waited for another quick photoshoot.

Roasted Chile-Lime chicken with Lime and Cilantro Sweet Corn

Now, I’ve mentioned before that Roast Chicken is one of my all-time favorites and Yes!Chef! outdid himself with this bird. Lime was the flavor that tied the whole meal together, but it was not over-powering.  I love to squeeze lime on my sweet corn, anyway (you should try it sometime), so this little side-dish was heaven for me.  The chicken was moist, flavorful and had a little kick to it from the jalapenos.  The corn was sweet and limey.  (Did I say that I like lime with my corn?)

Another good one, Yes!Chef! I would highly recommend this recipe if you like a little spicy lime in your life…and in your chicken.

Yes!Chef! concentrates on his cooking.

Here’s the recipe for the Chile-Lime Chicken from Food Network

Roasted Chile-Lime Chicken

Recipe courtesy Aida Mollenkamp

Prep Time:
5 min
Inactive Prep Time:
30 min
Cook Time:
1 hr 0 min
4 to 6 servings



Heat oven to 400 degrees F and arrange a rack in the middle. Pat chicken dry with paper towels. Remove necks and any innards from the cavities and discard.

To spatchcock, use a sharp pair of poultry shears or kitchen scissors to cut along the backbone; remove and discard. Place chicken, breast-side up, and press down to flatten it to it is lying completely flat.

Combine remaining ingredients in a small bowl and mix until evenly combined. Season and adjust flavor as desired. Loosen the skin from the breast and legs of the chicken and, using your clean hands, spread 1/2 of the mixture underneath. Rub the remaining mixture all over the outside of the chicken. Set aside while oven heats up, at least 20 minutes.

Lay chicken in a roasting pan or baking dish fitted with a rack and roast until cooked an instant read thermometer inserted into the thigh registers 165degreesF, about 50 to 60 minutes; let sit at least 10 minutes before carving. Serve with pan juices.

PS.  We used jalapeno peppers instead of the much hotter Serrano chiles because we had some jalapeno chiles on-hand (and also because I am a hot spice wimp.)

Because we are trying to watch our pennies these days, Yes!Chef! is on a mission to use things we already have in the Schmautz Haus kitchen. Mostly he tries to use low-cost but quality fresh ingredients cooked with lots of time and love.

Wait till you see what he cooked up for us on Memorial Day.  Wow!

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  1. I have to thank you for this wonderful post and recipe (which, by the way, made me hungry all over again). I will using this one very soon. I love lime on lots of things, and I am a spicy food lover – the hotter the better. Very tasty.

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