Visit to Zac Jack Bistro

UPDATE 05/09/12:  More pictures added from the photo shoot I did at this wonderful bistro located in Cameron Park, CA.

Chef and Owner, Chef John Evans and some of his creations

Chef John welcomed my husband and I into his bistro with a friendly smile and big hug.  Yes!Chef! (Corby) interned with Chef John for over a year learning much from the Cordon Bleu (France) graduate.  Chef John’s use of fresh ingredients and elegant cooking style is something you just don’t get in many restaurants.  The food tastes as good as it looks.

I will be going back as a customer and to photograph his lunch and breakfast foods.  A very yummy assignment!

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10 thoughts on “Visit to Zac Jack Bistro

  1. First of all, the pictures are just gorgeous. Such amazing colors! And that sandwich up top? I’m gonna need that now. Like, it’s an emergency, haha.

  2. i have to say your food and pictures are very inspirational, i have been jumping from one post to another, enjoying your pictures, i feel like i am literally smelling the food, and also hearing the clicking of the plates. like im sitting there with you guys.

    you make me wanna buy a camera start cooking immidiately and take pictures. but i have to ask you an honest questions, usually i do not have the patience to even take a picture after cooking, we all wanna dig and eat, how do you stop your self ( and your family lol) from attacking the plate before you take the pictures!

    1. Mostly my family doesn’t have to wait too long. I have to be very quick when I take pics of cooked food because it loses it’s moisture and freshness very quickly. So, I try to set up everything for the shot well ahead of time. Then when the food is ready, I shoot quick. The most important thing in food photography is the light. I prefer window light with reflectors. In order for food to look good, it needs proper and plenty of good light. Don’t use your pop up flash. Have fun!

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