Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes or Cute Cupcake Quest Continues

Cute Cupcake Dreams

I’ve mentioned on other posts that Yes!Chef! does not like to bake.  He doesn’t even like to make desserts, even if it does not involve baking. Many years ago, when he was just learning to cook, he had a very bad experience with a dessert that involved gelatin and he has not liked to make desserts ever since that time.  He told me that making desserts takes away his creativity because one must follow the directions exactly.  I have a tendency to agree with him.  But, I went ahead with my cute cupcake quest anyway.

I found these adorable tulip cupcake covers at Michaels several months ago and I’ve been looking for a cupcake recipe and a reason to use them.  I’ve been surfing around the web and every time I find a good candidate recipe, I pin it to one of my Pinterest  boards. (I love Pinterest! You can follow me here.) I finally settled on a Boston Cream Pie cupcake recipe from The Kitchn for Easter.

I planned, shopped and got out the ingredients to let them all come to room temperature.  Then I began to make the sweet little cakes.

It was a little bit of a gray day, but my kitchen window still provides me with the best light and a great view of the forest.

After the cakes were cooked and cooled, I cut a little hole in the top of each of the cakes for the filling.

The cakes were filled with the wonderful and easy pastry cream and then I made the chocolate topping.  The chocolate was not only tasty, but it covered the opening with the pastry cream.  I must admit that I was pretty liberal with the chocolate topping.

And, Voila…ready to get their Easter finest on.

And here’s where the trouble started.

I so much enjoyed making the cupcakes.  I took my time and I made sure that they were done correctly.  I dropped them carefully into their little tulip covers and arranged them on one of my grandmother’s fancy plates to get them ready to photograph.  Then, I got the bright idea that I would add a little makeshift stand for one of the cupcakes by using a glass candlestick holder.  And!  Even better, I would drop one of the cakes into a cute little pink glass cup to set on top of the candlestick.  In my mind’s eye, it would get very close to my dream of having cute cupcake photos where everyone would say, “Awwww…I want one of those.”

So, that’s what I did.  I laid down one of my grandmother’s tablecloths and her silver tray.  On top of that I set my cute little cupcake plate with the cupcake in a cup on top of a lovely little candlestick holder.  I took a couple of pictures and then decided that I would move it a little to where the light was a little better.

I probably don’t have to say what happened, but the cake in the cup on top of the candlestick holder toppled over onto the other cakes and onto one of my furry little bunnies and, of course, landed upside down on the silver tray.

Sigh. It was a bad idea and I was too upset to take pictures.

But, I had a few extra, so I set up the scene again, switched out the bunny and the damaged tulip covers and made a fun little collage.  Then, I cut one open to show the creamy interior of the sweet cakes.

Although I did have another cupcake catastrophe, the cupcakes were quite tasty and tasted exactly like Boston Cream Pie.  The cupcakes by themselves are a bit dry, but when the pastry cream and chocolate is added, the effect is a wonderful taste sensation. I would highly recommend them.  Here’s the recipe.

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