Flourless Chocolate Coconut Almond Drops and Elfin Magic for the Holidays

Caught with his hand in the cookie
This is one of the newest elves to show up…either a friend or relative of Edmond Elf (he’s not really sure which one.)

The above elf is not Edmond.  Edmond is older, taller and wears red.

He doesn’t mind purple, he just thinks it’s not as festive as red and green.

Last blog post I introduced you to my little elf friend, Edmond Elf. (PS  he doesn’t like to be called Ed or Eddie or any derivation thereof. I found that out the hard way.)He is a good natured elf, but gets himself into all kinds of trouble because he’s a curious little guy and quite full of himself.  He joined our family last year.

Edmond hints around about making Christmas cookies
Edmond hints around about making Christmas cookies

When I woke up the other morning, he had assembled everything I could ever hope to need to make a batch of Christmas cookies.

And he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

20121213-_MG_3315 web

While I was editing some last minute Christmas photos for some clients, he assembled a couple of his friends, who grabbed onto my legs so I would be gently reminded of my Christmas cookie promise to let him help me make Christmas cookies for Santa.  It was a promise that he took quite solemnly.  He says you should not make promises that you do not intend to keep.  He is quite right.

I picked a recipe that I had pinned on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and we began to make our first batch of Christmas cookies…Flourless Chocolate Coconut Almond Drops. I found this recipe on Martha Stewart’s website, in case you are wondering.

We started with the mis en place…getting everything prepped.

Edmond and friends help me get everything ready
Edmond and friends help me get everything ready

I’m rather shocked by how many of Edmond’s relatives we have hanging around here for the holidays, but they are helpful and jolly.  So, I don’t mind. It is important to get the ingredients ready prior to the start of cooking.  That is one thing that Yes!Chef! taught me.  He is quite meticulous about that.  Also, the ingredients should be at room temperature.  (I see that the elves set out some ornaments to come to room temperature because Edmond thinks everything goes better with ornaments.)

Then I rough chopped the almonds and toasted them over an open fire…not really.  I toasted them on the regular oven.

Almonds rough chopped and toasted.
Almonds rough chopped and ready to be toasted.

The thing about toasting nuts is that you have to keep an eagle eye on them because they hit a tipping point pretty quick and if you don’t tend to them they burn.  I have found that out the hard way too many times to mention. But this time I watched them like a hawk.  They smell so nice when they are toasted and it brings out a lovely flavor.

New Elf on the block
New Elf on the block

After toasting the nuts and sifting the sugar, we (and I use that word liberally) began mixing the ingredients together.  It was then I noticed the new elf.  But, I didn’t act surprised that a new elf would join the pack because they seem to come from everywhere (Edmond has a gift of hospitality that I wish I had.)

Edmond helps the new elf (who is rather short for his age)
Edmond helps the new elf (who is rather short for his age)

The recipe is very simple and easy to make, but it does caution that it should not be over-mixed.  With so many helpers, that was probably the toughest part.  but they always want tasty Christmas cookies, so they restrained themselves.

Edmond cautions the younger elf to be careful of over-mixing.
Edmond and his brother caution the younger elf to be careful not to over-mix

Then, you drop them by tablespoonful onto parchment paper .

Ready to go in the oven
Ready to go in the oven

So easy.

Into the oven they went until they were cracked and dry.  They are mostly a meringue cookie, so they are chewy and their flavor is a little like an almond joy. The elves were happy with the cookies and if you are not able to eat gluten these cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth for cookies.  Even if you don’t watch your gluten, you will enjoy these chewy morsels.  Yes!Chef! gave them his stamp of approval (If truth be known, I’m trying to cut down on Yes!Chef!’s gluten because I think he might be a bit allergic.  We shall see.)

In any event, I would recommend these tasty bites.  They are easy and chewy and chocalate-y and nutty and good…y.

Here’s the recipe:

Martha Stewart’s Flourless Chocolate-coconut Drops

Getting on with the decorating
Getting on with the decorating

(Photographer’s note:  The above picture was taken with off-camera flash.  The picture below was taken with natural window light and a reflector.  I do love natural light, but in the winter I can’t always count on the food being done in time for good window light, so I am experimenting with flash and strobes.)

Edmond says we should make marshmallows next.  I have never made homemade marshmallows, but the elves assure me that they are to die for. Yes!Chef! gave me the thumbs up, too.  He made homemade chicken and vegetable noodle soup today because it was cold and rainy.  Quite the tasty treat.  Probably should put his recipe on the blog.

Enjoy the cookies and, I would highly recommend getting your own elf.  They make Christmas so much more exciting.

20121216-_MG_3640  web

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