Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes or Cute Cupcake Quest Continues

Cute Cupcake Dreams

I’ve mentioned on other posts that Yes!Chef! does not like to bake.  He doesn’t even like to make desserts, even if it does not involve baking. Many years ago, when he was just learning to cook, he had a very bad experience with a dessert that involved gelatin and he has not liked to make desserts ever since that time.  He told me that making desserts takes away his creativity because one must follow the directions exactly.  I have a tendency to agree with him.  But, I went ahead with my cute cupcake quest anyway.

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Mushroom Soup or Can I Train Obie to Hunt for Mushrooms that won’t Kill Us?

Mushroom Soup!  I love mushrooms and I adore mushroom soup, but I have never had homemade mushroom soup. I have memories of my mom making my favorite meal of chicken thighs cooked with a can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup mixed with a little mayo, herbs, maybe some Worcestershire Sauce and Parmesan Cheese.   Add some green beans and white rice and I was in heaven. My mom would let me and my brother pick what we wanted for our Special Birthday Meal and I always chose this chicken.  When my kids were small they didn’t like mushrooms so that whole meal was a non-starter.  Even now, the male children still do not like mushrooms.

Mushroom Haters

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