Out of Africa or The Healing Power of a Simple Chicken

I have been missing the last couple of weeks, but I’ve had very good reasons.  First my daughter returned from Africa.  She had been there for a little over 5 months working in a Day Home (of sorts) for Street Boys. Advertisements

It had been a long day of work-outside-in-the-yard for Y!C! on Saturday. We ordered some useful-yet-decorative cement blocks for the yard, so Y!C! and my youngest son hauled those around to make our yard look a bit more tidy.

Well, we are still in Lake Tahoe and yesterday the weather started to improve. It was still petty cool, but the sun was out more than it was behind the clouds. Our morning walk around the neighborhood was brisk but beautiful.

Shrimp Tacos or Can We Pretend it’s Almost Summer?

Yesterday somebody mentioned fish tacos somewhere.  Or maybe I read about them on-line.  Or perhaps I dreamed about them.  Anyway, I had a terrible craving for fish tacos and I was able to talk Yes!Chef! into making them for me.  I also… Read More

Julia’s Coq au Vin or Peasant Food is Happy Food

So, here is the finished product…Julia Child’s Coq Au Vin – Chicken with Wine and pearl onions and tomatoes and mushrooms and wonderful wine. Yes!Chef! also made roasted potatoes and simple buttery broccoli.  We love chicken around the Schmautzhaus and we also… Read More