“That’s the way we roll” Shrimp Rolls

Easy Shrimp Rolls
Easy Shrimp Rolls

A family that we know very well visited the East Coast this last month.  They took lots of pictures of their trip which we enjoyed seeing on Facebook.  They did make a stop in Maine and began showing photos of lobster rolls.  I couldn’t get my mind off lobster rolls (especially after seeing so many pictures), so I thought we should make them with our own spin.

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Food Photography is Still Hard but then along came “Learn Food Photography”

Cheese and Crackers and Pickles
Cheese and Crackers and Pickles

There’s certainly a ton of food blogs out in the blog-o-sphere and our blog, We Call Him Yes!Chef!,  is one amongst millions.  People are always interested in good recipes that they can try at home or with guests.  And then they want to share their recipes or restaurant experiences with their friends on the blog.  The best way to do that is with a photo.  However, in some cases, it might not be the best way to share your food if the photo is all dark and blurry and weirdly colored.

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Chicken Gyros or Where can a nice girl like me find Greek Yogurt Around here?

I generally enjoy living out in the country, however, we do live 25 minutes from the nearest town and, more importantly, major grocery store.  So, I have to plan carefully whenever I decide to coerce Yes! Chef! into cooking something for me.  My youngest son works at Safeway in Placerville, so when I drop him off for work and I have planned appropriately, I can pick up what I need.  I can’t just run into town every day because it is too expensive gas-wise and too time consuming.

What does this have to do with Chicken Gyros, I hear someone ask.  Well, I think I might have mentioned in some earlier blog posts that I have been enjoying taking a Photography for Food Bloggers course over at PPSOP.com taught by Ron Goldman and Lara Ferroni.  (Quite the high-powered duo, I know, right?)  And this blog is my final assignment.  I must say that I’m a little apprehensive about doing this post, but I will plow ahead anyway.

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