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A Visit to ZacJack Bistro or Don’t Eat the Hero Until I Get the Shot

A few years ago, my husband, Yes! Chef!,  had the opportunity to work with Chef John Evans at Zachary Jacques Restaurant in Placerville.  He and his wife are co-owners and he is the chef.  We have been dining at Zachary Jacques for many years and had always loved the food.  So, it was a wonderful opportunity for my husband to be able to intern one or two days a week for over a year under this excellent chef. Chef John was an” honors graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. He has worked and trained under Chef Mark Hopper of Thomas Kelller’s Bouchon in Las Vegas. He also opened Mesa Grill in Caesars Palace with Bobby Flay.”

I have also been doing some of his photography for him for several years.

Recently he opened a new restaurant called ZacJack Bistro. And he gave me a call to come on down and take a few pics for his web page.

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