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Orphan Recipes and other mystical creatures.


Fried Shrimp and Triple Cooked French Fries

I was rereading some of my past posts and found that I have been deceiving my dear readers.  I have, on more than one occasion, indicated that I would post recipes and/or photos of food we have made but not posted.  What?    Am I just trying to get you to read my newer posts, hungering for that recipe I said I would post but didn’t?  Nope.  Don’t you even think it.  I just plumb forgot.

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Lunch at Cafe Rolle or I’m not a restaurant critic but I know what’s good!

“How about a lunch date?” my friend, Pam, asked me the other day via email.  I’m always up for getting together with her, so we met yesterday at a little French cafe called Cafe Rolle in Sacramento, CA.  It’s located in one of my favorite parts of Sacramento.

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Chicken Gyros or Where can a nice girl like me find Greek Yogurt Around here?

I generally enjoy living out in the country, however, we do live 25 minutes from the nearest town and, more importantly, major grocery store.  So, I have to plan carefully whenever I decide to coerce Yes! Chef! into cooking something for me.  My youngest son works at Safeway in Placerville, so when I drop him off for work and I have planned appropriately, I can pick up what I need.  I can’t just run into town every day because it is too expensive gas-wise and too time consuming.

What does this have to do with Chicken Gyros, I hear someone ask.  Well, I think I might have mentioned in some earlier blog posts that I have been enjoying taking a Photography for Food Bloggers course over at taught by Ron Goldman and Lara Ferroni.  (Quite the high-powered duo, I know, right?)  And this blog is my final assignment.  I must say that I’m a little apprehensive about doing this post, but I will plow ahead anyway.

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