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Food Photography is Hard or Think Twice Before You Snap That Restaurant Pic and Post it All Over the Internet…

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As a wedding photographer, I have to be able to photograph anything in any light to document all the things that go on in the wedding.  The bride and groom barely remember anything that goes on in the wedding, so it is up to me, as the photographer, to document everything they have been working on for a year or more. You cannot always set up lights the way you would like or really have the kind of time that you would want to perfect each and every photo.  Most often, my second shooter and I come away with 2000 photos or more of each wedding we do.   I always want at least one good photo of the food and several great photos of the cake.  So, I have to know a little something about good light to get those photos. However, there is no way I have the time during a wedding to set up amazing food shots like I do when Yes!Chef! cooks.

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