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Julia’s Coq au Vin or Peasant Food is Happy Food

Romantic Coq Au Vin

So, here is the finished product…Julia Child’s Coq Au Vin – Chicken with Wine and pearl onions and tomatoes and mushrooms and wonderful wine. Yes!Chef! also made roasted potatoes and simple buttery broccoli.  We love chicken around the Schmautzhaus and we also love slow food, so this was the perfect food for Yes!Chef to cook.  He started making it in the morning, before the chickens were up .

Chicken warily eyes me.

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Hamburger with Provolone and Reduced Wine Sauce, OR Where was I when Julia was invited to dinner?

The other day Yes! Chef! and I were watching some taped shows of Julia Child and Jacques Pepin.  One show was all about potatoes and the other was about duck. At any rate, it inspired Yes! Chef! to dig out one of  Julia Childs cookbooks that my mom gave me in 1989 called,  The Way to Cook.  (You may wonder how I know my mom gave it to me in 1989.  It’s because I’m rather OCD and I always mark the year and the giver in a book when I receive one.  A little quirk that Yes! Chef! has had to learn to live with…my OCD, not the book marking.)  So, tonight he made a couple of hamburgers from some burger he had ground up from a brisket (very meaty.) Then, he used Julia’s technique for Deglazing Sauce with Red Wine.  He added shallots to the sauce which added a nice texture and flavor.

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