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Ice Cream Sandwiches where Homemade Ice Cream meets Brownie meets Roasted Soda Crackers meets Angora Ridge

Homemade ice cream sandwich

Homemade ice cream sandwich

Last year when I was in the throes of looking for perfect homemade ice cream recipes, I found a couple of recipes for Ice Cream Sandwiches that I thought would be fun to make.  Well, time moves along, and next thing I knew it was this summer.  Then there was the wedding and now we are remodeling a mid-century modern home.  After the wedding we decided to take a few days (in my case more than a few days) relaxing in Lake Tahoe.  I was able to pull out some of my summertime recipes that I had saved on Pinterest. I ran across a very unusual ice cream sandwich recipe by The Baking Bird.  It’s called Saltine Brownie & Bourbon Ice Cream Sandwiches.  I like recipes that sound unique and use surprising ingredients.  This recipe had several things that I thought were unique to an ice cream sandwich recipe…roasted saltine crackers, brownies and bourbon ice cream that is not made in the ice cream maker.

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