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Do you have Thyme for Peaches and Cream (Fresh Peach and Thyme Gelato)?

Peach and Thyme Gelato in a Waffle cup

Peach and Thyme Gelato in a Waffle cup

It’s a good thing this recipe finishes up the last of the fresh, juicy peaches given to us by a friend of our youngest son because I was running out of clever headlines using peaches. Ha!

We had about 6-7 peaches left and Yes!Chef! said we needed (I use the term, “We”, loosely because Yes!Chef! does not make desserts) to make one more dessert with the remaining peaches. What else to make with a bunch of peaches but ice cream?  I love ice cream.  But this time I wanted to do something a little different, so I made gelato.

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No cook. No machine. No Scream. Strawberry Ice Cream.

Well, it continues to be hot here in the mid-Sierras. Yesterday it was 100 degrees outside at the 3200 foot elevation mark (where we live).  That doesn’t happen very often and because of that, we don’t have air-conditioning in the Schmautzhaus.  We have a whole house fan that cools things down at night and we have fans in all the rooms, but by around 3:00 the only thing the fans do is circulate the warm air.  Looks like today is going to be more of the same.  I have a photo shoot in Sacramento today or I would be headed to Tahoe.  Monday Obie T. and I are going for sure.

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