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Pulled Pork, Slaw and What Do I Do While Yes!Chef! is Away?

Recipe from Food Network, Tyler Florence  

Pulled Pork with pickles and slaw

Pulled Pork with pickles and slaw

Yes!Chef! loves pork.  When I first met him, I couldn’t understand why he liked it so much.  It was always dry and tasteless every time I had it.  So, I would frequently turn up my nose to his suggestion of pork for dinner because of my pork bias.  Yes, I was a hater…a pork hater.

However, dear husband has changed my mind forever.

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Cool Watermelon Mojitos and Spicy-Sweet Glazed Shrimp on the Bar-B; or It’s time to celebrate again!

Watermelon Mojitos on the deck

The members of the Schmautzhaus have gotten together again for some summer celebrating.  This time we were celebrating two birthdays for the price of one, so to speak.  Two birthdays were exactly a week apart, so we all got together yet again.

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Strawberry Margaritas, grilled burgers and baked, stuffed potatoes or Thanks, Honey, I needed that.

Margarita on the deck

Sunday I had a fun photo shoot in the little town of Galt, CA, in a great bar called Brewsters Bar and Grill. I took my youngest son with me because he has a little interest in modeling and a great interest in hanging around pretty girls. So, we got up early and drove down to Galt, spent the day photographing/modeling and drove back that afternoon.

A few examples of the photo shoot

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Roasted Chile-Lime Chicken or He Limes Me, He Limes Me Not

Roasted Chile-Lime Chicken with Garlic Lime Corn

Well, we are still in Lake Tahoe and yesterday the weather started to improve. It was still petty cool, but the sun was out more than it was behind the clouds. Our morning walk around the neighborhood was brisk but beautiful.

Our neighborhood walk

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Chicken Gyros or Where can a nice girl like me find Greek Yogurt Around here?

I generally enjoy living out in the country, however, we do live 25 minutes from the nearest town and, more importantly, major grocery store.  So, I have to plan carefully whenever I decide to coerce Yes! Chef! into cooking something for me.  My youngest son works at Safeway in Placerville, so when I drop him off for work and I have planned appropriately, I can pick up what I need.  I can’t just run into town every day because it is too expensive gas-wise and too time consuming.

What does this have to do with Chicken Gyros, I hear someone ask.  Well, I think I might have mentioned in some earlier blog posts that I have been enjoying taking a Photography for Food Bloggers course over at taught by Ron Goldman and Lara Ferroni.  (Quite the high-powered duo, I know, right?)  And this blog is my final assignment.  I must say that I’m a little apprehensive about doing this post, but I will plow ahead anyway.

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